What are the types of anxiety disorders?

Following are several of the most commonly experienced types of anxiety attacks and disorders.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – If you feel consistently anxious for reasons which aren’t always apparent, you may be suffering from GAD. Anxiety related to GAD often manifests itself in physical symptoms like headaches, stomach upset and fatigue.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – The main symptom of OCD is unwanted thoughts or behaviors that seem impossible to stop or control.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder – Panic disorder is a type of anxiety characterized by repeated, unexpected panic attacks. Panic disorder may also be accompanied by agoraphobia, a type of anxiety associated with being in places where escape or help is not perceived to be possible in case of panic.

Phobias – A phobia is type of anxiety that involves an extreme, unrealistic fear of a specific object/activity (such as a particular animal, or of flying) or of certain situations (such as being in open spaces, or in social situations). Usually phobias cause unrelenting fear and physical symptoms that prevent the person from facing the fear.

Separation Anxiety – Separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage experienced by a child when separated from the primary caregiver. It consists of crying and distress when a child is away from a parent or from home. If separation anxiety continues to occur beyond a certain age or negatively impairs life or activities, it may need to be addressed.

Social Anxiety / Social Phobia – Social anxiety disorder can be thought of as an extreme shyness – extreme to the point of avoiding social situations and causing disruption to social and professional relationships.

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