Treatment of High Blood Pressure

images3.jpgTreatment of  high blood pressure is depended on how high it is and on what other ‘risk factors’ one have for heart disease and stroke.

Blood Pressure between 140/90-160/100mmHg will simply require some changes in lifestyle. You will probably not need to take tablets providing that the changes you make work. However, some people with a blood pressure in this range may be asked to take tablets if they are older or have other risk factors for heart disease and stroke, such as high cholesterol, smoking or already have complications such as a previous stroke or heart attack.

So, if you have a blood pressure reading in this range you may need to make the following changes to your lifestyle:

  • Cut down the amount of salt you are eating to 6 grams each day or less
  • Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, preferably more
  • Be physically active at least five times a weeks for at least 30 minutes
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Cut down on the amount of alcohol you are drinking if it is excessive, ie, men should drink no more than three or four units a day, women no more than two or three units each day

If your blood pressure is consistently over 160/100mmHg then you will probably be given tablets to take as well as being asked to make changes to your lifestyle. The aim of this treatment is to lower your blood pressure down to below 140/85mmHg whilst making sure that you feel fit and well. If you have diabetes or have had a previous stroke or heart attack you may be asked to lower your blood pressure further, to 130/80mmHg. A small number of people may find their blood pressure very difficult to control even with medication.

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