What are Sypmtoms of Cellulitis ?

The symptoms of Cellulitis are observed as redness or inflammation of skin that increases as the infection spreads.The skin becomes tight, glossy and stretched.One may also develop Skin lesion or rash (macule) that results in pain or tenderness of the area.The changes in your skin may be accompanied by a fever. Over time, the area of redness tends to expand at a rapid growth within the first 24 hours. Small red spots may appear on top of the reddened skin, and less commonly, small blisters may form and burst.The other signs of infection are Chills, shaking, Warm skin, sweating, Fatigue ,Muscle aches, pains (myalgias) ,General ill feeling (malaise). A person with cellulitis can also develop swollen lymph nodes in the area of the infection.

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