Types and Symptoms of Dermatitis

Image Source : www.ascc.gov.au

The common symptoms of the disease are redness,swelling,itching,skin lesions.However,the specific symptoms for the disease depend upon the cause and the type of dermatitis.
Contact dermatitis : It appears as rash that occurs from either repeated contact with irritants or contact with allergens.
Neurodermatitis : It results in chronic itchy skin condition in certain areas of the body
Seborrheic dermatitis : It is observed as a common scalp condition that often results in dandruff problem.
Stasis dermatitis : It is seen as a skin condition that is caused due to accumulation of fluid under the skin of the legs.
Atopic dermatitis : It is commonly referred as eczema or atopic eczema.It results in chronic itchy rash that tends to subside time to time.
Perioral dermatitis : The symptoms are bumpy rash around the mouth. 

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