Bulimia (bulimia nervosa) is an eating disorder in which the person suffers from a cycle of binging and purging of food
Binge eating: Quickly eating large amounts of food over short periods of time.
 Purging: Forced vomiting, laxative use, excessive exercise, or fasting in an    attempt to lose weight that might be gained from eating food or binging.
Bulimia is mainly seen in young adult women. Their weight is normal or near normal. The exact cause of Bulimia is not known.


Signs and Symptoms:

ü      Over-concern with weight and body shape. This is not shared with anybody.
ü      Generalized weakness,
ü      Fatigue,
ü      Abdominal pain
ü      Abnormal and irregular menstrual cycles.
On examination the physician may notice
ü      Dental cavities
ü      Scars on knuckles as a result of chronic self-induced vomiting
ü      Loss of tooth enamel
ü      Signs suggestive of Malnutrition and dehydration like:
-         Dry/Flaky skin
-         Hair fall
-         Brittle nails
-         Vitamin deficiencies
-         Swelling over abdomen and feet.
-         Dry tongue.

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