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What is Amnesia ?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Amnesia is a state of mind in which the person tends to suffer from partial or complete memory loss. There are varying types and degrees of amnesia that take place during old age. Talking about the amnesia symptoms, the persons suffering from this mental disorder forget words and names.

There is a distinctive uncommon form of amnesia in which the memory loss occurs to such an extent that the patient even forgets his own identity, as in his name, age, and family background. It is a stage in which the person fails to recollect anything of the past.

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Causes of Asthenia

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Asthenia is usually the result of chronic disorders of many types. The most common cause of asthenia is anemia, especially when it is ignored and not treated properly. Some other related causes of asthenia are: sleep disorders, stress, depression and anxiety. The emotional factor plays a very important role in the development of this disorder and that is why the long term stress may have damaging effects.

Some other causes of asthenia are: infections, some medications that have powerful side effects, chronic fatigue syndrome and narcotics. Some other diseases are responsible for the development of asthenia: renal and pulmonary disease, heart disease and diabetes. Chemotherapy may also end up in developing asthenia as a side effect, causing more troubles than it is expected from a therapy that should treat other diseases. Fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism are other factors that cause asthenia.

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Asthenia : Overview

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Asthenia is a condition describing a general loss or lack of bodily strength; weakness; debility. It can also be described as lack of or decrease in muscle tissue.

It is used to describe those whose condition is very weak, or one who tires excessively, or becomes extremely weak after minimal activity, or effort.

Types include; myalgic asthenia; neurocirculatory asthenia; periodic asthenia; tropical anhidrotic asthenia.

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