Causes of Tennis Elbow

Overuse of the forearm muscles using a repeated twisting motion is the most common cause of tennis elbow. These movements are common to various occupations such as carpentry or plumbing, and many daily activities such as yard work and lifting objects. Racquet sports, swimming, and throwing sports (such as baseball) can also lead to tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow injuries can result from:

Overuse. Repeated movements that involve twisting of the elbow cause small tears in the tendon, weakening it. Overuse depends on how hard or how long you do something.
A single accident, such as a direct hit to the side of the elbow (lateral epicondyle), or falling on an outstretched arm.
In sports, tennis elbow can also result from using the wrong type of equipment or improper technique. For example, a tennis racquet with a grip too large or small for your hand can put a lot of pressure on your tendon. Using a backhand swing where your elbow is ahead of the rest of your arm can also lead to tendon damage.

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