5 Ways to keep Yourself Healthy & Fit in a Busy Schedule

Life is full of care; There is no time to stand & stare.

In today’s digital world, life is moving at a faster pace than ever and people often do not get much time to do things like work out and follow a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is busy with their work schedule and most people do not follow a proper diet and health plan in that busy schedule.

Time is short for almost everyone these days but it is important to include physical activity throughout your busy day. If you think that you just don’t have time to exercise to keep yourself fit and fine, think again. Because a healthy body can lead to healthy business and qualitative output.

The following five factors contribute to a person’s ability to achieve life’s goals, improve professional and personal relationships and reduce stress.

Set a goal: Even if you live a super busy lifestyle, there are things that you can do to make sure you stay fit. At work, we often find ourselves sitting in front of a computer for a very long period. Wouldn’t it be nice to ‘take a break’ and still get some work done? Instead of calling one of your office mates to deliver a message, walk over to their desk and deliver it. This is an excellent way to stretch out those stiff muscles after sitting down for too long.

Diet: Of course, today’s professionals find themselves skipping meals due to their hectic schedule, and breakfast usually means coffee-to-go. Studies found that late breakfast increase the fat level. Once you accept the fact that your body needs overhauling, and that exercise & proper diet are good for your health and work, that will be easy for you to adopt exercise habit in your daily life schedule.

Time Management: It is recommended that exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week, is sufficient to lead a healthy life. And, recent studies show that the 30 minutes are not necessarily continuous, you can divide up this time into two 15-minute blocks or three 10-minute blocks of time throughout the day. One good solution is to get up an hour earlier and do the exercise in the morning. You’ll get a healthy boost in your energy level that carries you throughout the day.

Relaxation: Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. Work pressure is very common these days. In such cases, relaxation is the only way to maintain mental balance. Most people prefer Yoga, Meditation for such purpose. But chilling out with friends and spending time with family during the weekends, are also helpful to avoid work tension.

Lifestyle: Professional living brings nutrition, fitness, and total wellness to life through simple, exciting real life application. Not everyone has time to schedule regular workouts, but with a little bit of planning, it is possible to get what you want.

Before tackling the idea of fitting exercise into your busy schedule, it might be better if you start with the concept of self-assessment and then familiarize yourself with the disease-prevention aspect of exercise. There is a popular saying “Nobody plans to fail. But, many fail to plan”.

By Ranjita Patra via BreakingNews

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