Types of Dysentry

Dysentery could be categorized into two major types namely:

  • Bacillary dysentery: Bacillary dysentery is caused by Shigella bacteria and might turn into deadly epidemic. Mostly children are infected by this bacteria and mortality rate is also high for infants. In adults this dysentery usually peters out rapidly; however, doctor’s intervention is necessary in order to thwart the recurrence.
  • Amebic dysentery: Amebic dysentery is caused by Entamoeba histolytica. Amebic dysentery is comparatively infrequent. This type of dysentery is quite prevalent in the area where human excrement is frequently used as fertilizer. Dirty hands, poor cleaning habit, unwashed or poorly washed hands and utensils used for serving and consuming food items might also lead to this disease.


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