How to Treat Dysentery ?

The treatment of dysentery aims at:

  • Removing the faecal and toxic matter from the intestines
  • Alleviating the painful symptoms
  • Stopping the virulence of the bacteria
  • Promoting the healing of the ulcer.

Here are a few treatments to go ahead with treating this disease in its acute form.

  • The patient should fast as long as acute symptoms are present, where he should intake only orange juice and water. Alternatively, the patient should also subsist on buttermilk till the acute symptoms are over, since buttermilk combats offending bacteria and helps establishment of helpful microorganisms in the intestines.
  • The patient may also be given small doses of castor oil, since this acts as a mild prerogative and facilitates quicker removal of offensive matter, minimizes the strain during motion and also acts as a lubricant to the ulcerated surfaces.
  • The removal of accumulated poisonous matter should be attempted by giving very low-pressure enema, twice or thrice daily.
  • The patient should also take complete bed rest as movement induces pain and aggravates distressing symptoms.
  • A hot water bag may also be applied over the abdomen.


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