Complications & Transmission Of Swine Flu / Influenza

Complications Of Swine Influenza

Those at higher risk of catching influenza in general include those with the following:

* Age of 65 years or older
* Chronic health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease)
* Pregnant women
* Young children

But the past epidemics and pandemics of flu have shown that during pandemics most people who succumb are healthy young adults.

Complications of Swine Flu can include:

* Pneumonia
* Bronchitis
* Sinus infections
* Ear infections
* Death

Transmission of Swine Flu (How does Swine Flu spread?)

As with other flu like illnesses, Swine influenza is spread as follows:

* Coughing
* Sneezing
* Kissing
* Touching infected objects
* Touching nose, mouth and/or eyes with infected hands
* Swine flu does not spread by eating pork.

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