Priorities for health and safety in catering activities

This information sheet has been produced by the Health and Safety in Catering Industry Liaison Committee consisting of trade and professional associations, unions and enforcement authorities. It is intended that it will be reproduced through member associations and other avenues to reach catering establishments.

Sheet uses analysis of accidents reported to HSE and local authorities and HSE investigations to point employers, employees and inspectors to the situations and equipment in catering activities to concentrate on. Past experience shows that these give the most significant risks in catering in practice. These situations in particular should be carefully assessed to ensure appropriate precautions are, and remain, in place.

The analysis was confined to injuries reported while the person was engaged in catering activities, ie preparation of meals etc. It therefore excludes other activities that can take place in establishments where catering is done, but it captures catering activities in premises where the main activity is other than meal preparation.

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