Depression Home Remedies

There are three types of depression

  • Dysthymia: it is the mild form of depressive condition that has a long history and sometimes shows chronic presentation. It gets triggered any time and does not fade away with time and keep on relapsing time and time again.
  • Bipolar disorder : a condition also called manic depressive illness. It is not a common type of disorder which presents sudden fluctuation of moods.
  • Major depression : it is a kind of disorder that occurs several times in life time. Its involvement interferes in day ti day activity of a person disturbing his normal lifestyle.

Home Remedies

  • whenever you fell depressive just add some rose petals in boiling water and add some sugar to it also
  • A glass full of warm milk sweetened by honey when taken with an apple relives from depression.
  • Two cardamom are added to a cup full of boiling water with sugar is a very effective method that relieves from depression.
  • Neutral immersion bath everyday for and hour has been very effective.
  • Drinking of rose water diluted in water is a good remedy t keep away from depression.
  • One should take a balanced diet as it also helps in maintaining mental calm.
  • One must perform yogic exercises like hala asana, paschimuttan asana, sarvang asana, shava asana, shalabh asana, vakra asana and bhujang asana to keep physically and mentally fit.
  • Deep breathing is also advised and doing pranayam is also very useful.
  • Taking orange juice in morning is very helpful in relieving from mental strain
  • Intake of chamomile in one cup of water (boiled) is also very helpful..
  • Take tulsi (holy basil) and two time’s sage. Now prepare herbal tea by using it.
  • Chewing 5 to 7 over night soaked almonds with its cover removed is very effective in relieving from depression.

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