Remedies For backache

Herbal medicines are used similarly to medical drugs in this type of condition, though with far more safety. Both the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of plants can be used effectively and taken for prolonged periods of time. Other benefits are relief of muscle spasm and repair of connective tissue and cartilage tissue. Bioflavonoids and other healing factors contained in herbs, along with well-known nutritional substances like glucosamine sulphate, can complete deeper repair and strengthening of tissues. The herbs listed under Arthritis can provide further help for chronic joint dysfunction. If nerves become inflamed or compressed, additional sedative and nerve-repairing herbs may be needed.

Home Remedies for backache 1: Barberry* *—Berberis vulgaris
• For low backache, often related to kidney weakness or congestion.
• For sciatica and neuralgia with radiating pain and weakened muscles
• Use in rheumatic disorders, sciatica, bursitis, neuralgia and gout.

Home Remedies for backache 2: Black Cohosh**—Cimicifuga racemosa
• Anti-inflammatory effects, relaxing muscle spasms in low back and neck.
• Suitable for wry neck (torticollis), sciatica, neuralgia and intercostal (rib)
neuralgia. Treats muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis.

Home Remedies for backache 3: Black Haw***—Viburnum prunifolia
• With aspirin-like ingredients, relieves spasms and neuralgia of back and neck, sciatica, leg cramps, tension headache, wry neck, digestive spasm.
• A nervous system tonic and sedative, helps backache during menses.

Home Remedies for backache 4: Boswellia***—Boswellia serrata
• Strong anti-inflammatory effects, reduces stiffness and pain.
• Works for acute problems, but needs 2-4 weeks for maximal effects.
• Improves circulation around inflamed joints, ligaments, tendons.

Home Remedies for backache 5: Bromelain**—Pineapple/Ananas comosus
• Enzyme found in pineapple stem, helps resolve late stages of inflam-
mation, speeding healing and reducing the potential for scar tissue.

Home Remedies for backache 6: Corydalis*—Corydalis soldida
• Chinese herb that relieves pain of all kinds, especially from injury.
• Sedative, analgesic, relives spasm and abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea.
• Often used in combination with other complementary herbs.

Home Remedies for backache 7: Devil’s Claw**—Harpagophytum procumbens
• Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herb, with rapid results.
• Useful for low backache, arthritis and chronic rheumatic disorders, neuralgia and headaches. The whole herb preparation works best.

Home Remedies for backache 8: Dong Quai**—Angelica sinensis
• Reported to possess 1.5 times the analgesic activity of aspirin.
• Relieves backache, cramping, muscular spasms and inflammation.
• Also for menstrual cycle regulation, anemia; a liver and heart tonic.

Home Remedies for backache 9: Horse Chestnut*—Aesculus hippocastanum
• Low back, sacrum, and sacroiliac pain. Stiff, weak back that “gives out.”
• Helps with arthritic and rheumatic backache with heaviness, swelling.

Home Remedies for backache 10: Jamaican Dogwood***—Piscidia erythrina
• Strong sedative, pain-relieving and antispasmodic effects.
• Especially valuable for muscular back spasms and pain, but also used in asthma, menstrual pain, insomnia, toothache or nervous conditions.

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