Remedies for toothache

If you develop a toothache, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. Failure to the treat the underlying cause of a toothache could result in the loss of the tooth.

Home remedies can provide temporary relief until you visit your dentist. Essential oils that help ease toothache pain include chamomile, myrrh, peppermint, and tea tree. Apply one drop of any of these or a drop of Toothache Oil to the tooth and the surrounding area to ease the pain. For additional relief, apply a Toothache Compress on your face near the aching tooth.

To soothe teething pain in babies, chamomile oil is one of the safest and most effective remedies.

Massage Baby’s Teething Blend onto the affected gum area.


The home remedies blends below are essential oil formulas you can prepare at home.

Toothache Oil
1/8 ounce carrier oil
6 drops tea tree oil
4 drops chamomile oil
2 drops myrrh oil
2 drops peppermint oil
Place the carrier oil in a clean container and add the essential oils. Gently turn the container upside down several times or roll it between your hands for a few minutes to blend. Apply one drop on the aching tooth and the surrounding gum, as needed.

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