Diet Tips to Reduce LDL Cholesterol

If you are suffering from health issues due to LDL Cholesterol problem, you should take a stand against the issue and start acting at the earliest. Here are some low cholesterol diet tips to keep your heart healthy!

Good and Bad Cholesterol

You have two major types of cholesterol; namely, LDL and HDL cholesterol. LDL Cholesterol is the bad guy. LDL cholesterol is responsible for the build-up of plaque in your arteries; this restricts blood flow to your heart and is usually the cause of chest pain or angina. You feel pain in your chest since the flow of blood to heart is insufficient. If not checked on time, this will lead to heart disease. If the plaque builds up too much, blood supply can get blocked and you could get a heart attack. And HDL Cholesterol is the good guy! HDL balances your total cholesterol level by getting rid of the bad LDL’s in your blood.

Foods that Contain Cholesterol

All foods that have animal fat contain cholesterol. Even plant based foods have cholesterol, but to a slighter degree. Food sources include animal foodstuffs such as egg yolks, cheese, whole milk, meat, butter and plant based foods such as vegetable oils, coconut and palm oil. This doesn’t mean you must do away with these foods altogether; in fact they offer some benefits and your body needs them to function optimally. The key point to understand is that fat is not the cause by itself; it’s a specifically saturated fat and trans fats that are the key causes. You can get saturated fat mostly from animal products and full fat dairy products although these foods generally do not have a significant amount.

How to Reduce Harmful LDL

Cutting all Trans fats will have an enormous impact on cholesterol levels. Avoid refined carbs – the ones that are not whole meal or wholegrain that have been artificially tampered with. Try to get cholesterol lowering foods and low fat alternatives. Go for low fat dairy products when it comes to cheese, milk etc. Exercise and try to lose weight if you are overweight; this helps you to effectively raise HDL’s and lower LDL’s. You can also eat flax seeds and peanuts as they contain compounds known as Phytosterols which can assist in bringing down LDL’s.

Boost Your HDL Levels

Use monounsaturated cooking oils – olive oil or canola oil give you monounsaturated fats that help in elevating the HDL levels. Flax, fiber, oats, brown rice, and fish are also effective in boosting HDL levels. Implement these low cholesterol diet tips and strategies today and you will reap health rewards for the long term.

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