How Herbal Medicine Helps In Our Life

The herbs have been in use for medicinal purposes for since the early centuries as per a few reliable written records. Since then the herbs have been put to use for various medicinal purposes. Every part of an herb like the stem, root and leaves has some medicinal value or the other and their extracts are what that help in relieving the various health problems. Here’s how they are used as medicines for different purposes and the names of a few of them.


One of the best used herbs, this is used for the treatment of sleep problems as the roots are considered both safe and gentle. Even the digestive problems can also be dealt with using the herb. The herb has a fewer side effects and treats anxiety and depression as well.

Kava kava

This herb is used for relieving anxiety and brings a feeling of relaxation. Insomnia can also be effectively treated using this herb. However there are a few side effects too and it is important for one to consult a doctor before taking it.

St.John’s Wort

This is another herbal medicine for treating the depression problems and is recognized by many health agencies and used in preparing medicines too. Flu, gout and insomnia can also be treated with the help of this herb.


The cough, irritation in the mucous membrane and anorexia and fever can be cured using the herb. Even the peptic ulcers and eczema can also be effectively treated using licorice also called liquorice.


Basil is one of the best medicinal herbs that are hugely beneficial to the health. The stomach cramps, vomiting, constipation and head aches are easily treated using the leaves of basil. It can either be consumed in the form of tea or directly as extracts.


This is an herb whose medicinal uses have been exploited since the times of ancient Greeks. It is used for curing cough, and the extract of the seeds are said to ease the digestive problems.


Another popular medicinal herb, the chamomile is used for both internal and external purposes. When taken internally, chamomile is used for digestive problems and also in relieving the menstrual cramps. The oil can be applied on the inflammations on the skin and also to alleviate the pains related to arthritis.

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