Remedies For Cholesterol

1. Start your day with healthy breakfast. Those who skip their breakfast have higher cholesterol levels. If you are having ready to eat cereals in the breakfast, then you have a risk of having low cholesterol levels compared to those who eat some other things in breakfast. Starting your day with healthy breakfast has many other benefits from the health point of view.

2. Eating large meals produces more insulin in body and thus the person has risk of getting increased cholesterol levels. That is why you should eat many smaller meals instead of eating two large meals. This is the best way to keep your cholesterol levels in control.

3. Include such fruits and vegetables, which are rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C high diet, will give you HDL levels of cholesterol. The fruits and green vegetables have cholesterol-reducing fiber called pectin in them. This pectin helps to reduce the cholesterol. Hence make sure that you include fresh fruits and green vegetables as major part of your diet. Tomatoes, potatoes, apples, citrus fruits, spinach and strawberries are good source of vitamin C. This is one of the very useful home remedies for cholesterol .

4. Garlic is also very effective in reducing the cholesterol levels. Daily six to seven cloves are garlic should be used while cooking food. Garlic has many medicinal properties too. Hence make sure that you increase the intake of garlic in your food. Many people eat garlic pills also in order to keep their cholesterol levels under control.

5. Drinking grape juice or even drinking wine is one of the very effective home remedies for cholesterol . Grape has the enzymes in it, which are good for keeping the cholesterol level in control. You can eat about one cup of grapefruit on a daily basis to have control over cholesterol.

6. Soybeans, kidney beans, navy beans and lima beans are very effective in reducing the cholesterol levels. All the beans have pectin in them, which is very effective in keeping the cholesterol levels in control. Include all these beans in your diet.

7. Eat two carrots a day without fail, as carrots can reduce the cholesterol levels by ten to twenty percent.

8. If you are overweight then make loosing weight your first aim. Loosing weight will help you to bring your cholesterol levels to normal.

9. Eat only food items, which are good for cholesterol lowering and also include food items, which are good source of fiber.

10. Avoid oily and salty food items completely. Also the bakery products like cookies, crackers and snack cakes are not good for your cholesterol levels.

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