Remedies For Bronchitis

Did you come down with a fever or the chills? If you answered yes, then you might have chronic bronchitis, also just called bronchitis. This is a problem that actually affects the inner walls of the airway of your lungs. In fact, when you start having bronchitis symptoms you more than likely have an infection of that area, or it has become inflamed. Bronchitis is something that you get a lot of times right after you get done having a cold. For the most part, chronic bronchitis just fades away after a few days without any other effects on your body. In some cases, the cough might last for a week or more.


The most common bronchitis symptoms that you are going to have is a cough hat brings up mucus. With chronic bronchitis, you may notice that the mucus comes up a yellowish gray color, or sometimes green. It will also appear that you are coughing up several tablespoons of mucus every day. Do keep in mind that the mucus with bronchitis does not accumulate so it is not common to lose your voice. Normally, the mucus gets cleared out whenever you swallow saliva. The only time that you have to worry about chronic bronchitis is when there is some kind of secondary infection in your body at the same time.


The problem with bronchitis, is that antibiotics do not normally treat it. That is because this is a type of viral infection, thus, you are left with just a few options on how to deal with this. The good news about bronchitis is that it is not that hard to get rid of. Usually, the best treatment for it is to get a lot of rest. The doctor will also tell you to drink a lot of liquids, even more so than what you normally drink. It also does not hurt to use a cough medication.

Home Remedies

Bronchitis is one of those things that home remedies are prefect for. Just remember that not all the home remedies work for everyone, thus, you do have to be willing to try a few different things. A lot of the home remedies for bronchitis involve just drinking orange juice and water. The orange juice is good for you because of all the vitamin C, which is good for your body to fight off things. The water is good at keeping your body hydrated. You will notice that a lot of bronchitis home remedies normally consist of an all fruit diet. Of course, you have to make sure you get everything you need in your diet, it helps if you eat more fruit than anything else.

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