Waxing is a most popular and temporary method for removal of unwanted hair. This method is not a modern one; this is an ancient method where ancient Egyptian women used sugary wax to remove unsightly hair. Unlike shaving, waxing takes about three to eight weeks for the hair to grow back, this is not in the case of other methods.

Types of waxing

Most parts of the body could be waxed, but only the generally preferred ones are listed below.

• Eyebrow Waxing

• Face Waxing

• Bikini Waxing

• Leg Waxing

• Arms Waxing

• Back Waxing

• Stomach Waxing

• Feet Waxing

Waxing based on the type of wax used.

• Warm or hot waxing –this is the most common method, the wax contains sugar that makes removal of hair easier. This is more effective way than cold waxing and is mostly performed in parlors.

• Cold waxing-the wax is easily available at any drugstore or at chemist shops. This method is done by most people at home.

General Method of Waxing

Waxing is done by spreading a thin coat of wax over the area of unwanted hair in the direction of hair growth. A cloth or paper strip is pressed on top of the wax and then ripped off very quickly against the direction of hair growth. This removes wax along with the hair, leaving behind the skin smooth.

Steps in waxing

The following steps are same for all the three hand, leg, stomach and feet waxing.

• Purchase a right wax that well suits your skin. Note the instruction label.

• Heat the wax according to the instructions (It should not be too hot, it may cause heat burns).

• Clean and Dry your legs before applying wax.

• After that, apply wax before it cools (it should be warm), apply it in the direction of hair growth.

• Now, press cotton cloth or paper strip on top of the wax and allow the wax to cool a little.

• Later, rip off the waxing cloth or strip swiftly in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Do not pull it straight up this will cause more pain.

• Place the damp washcloth over the waxed area to relax.

• Repeat the process from applying wax till placing the damp wash cloth until your legs or feet or stomach or hands are completely done.

• After removing apply a soothing cream or a moisturizing cream.

The other waxing like face and eyebrow waxing are best done by professionals. Trying at home may be unsafe.


• Those suffering from diabetes, poor blood circulation, are advised not to follow this method.

• Individuals who are using taking Retin-A, Renova, Differin and Isotretinoin are advised not to choose this method.

• Do not apply wax on the areas that are affected by warts, pimples, moles, rashes or suffering from sunburn.

• Do not apply wax on to broken skin or varicose veins.


Waxing takes about three to eight weeks for the hair to grow back and the new hair is soft, which is not in the case of other methods.

• When compared to other methods like shaving, waxing does not cause any cuts.

• Removes unwanted hair and makes our skin soft, it also helps in removing dead cells from skin.

•Waxing at regular intervals diminishes hair growth.


• It is a temporary method and not permanent method for removal of hair.

• While removing the cotton strip from the skin is causes pain.

• Compared to other methods like shaving, Waxing is little expensive.

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