Remedies For Ulcer

Causes Of Ulcer

Causes of ulcers on tongue are varied. These include the consumption of food items which are too hot for your tongue to handle. Coffee and tea are beverages that are usually taken hot and can be dangerous for your tongue. Ulcers on tongue are also caused by tongue damage or trauma due to spicy foods or foods that are too hot. In some cases, having a stomach or peptic ulcer can also result in having tongue ulcers. The abuse of cigarettes and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also cause ulcers on tongue.

The symptoms of ulcers on tongue are usually a burning sensation in particular areas of the tongue sometimes concentrating on the area that has been traumatized or damaged. In some cases of ulcers on tongue, bud like growths or protuberances can be felt on the tongue approximately two to three days before the ulcer develops. The tongue will also feel a bit sore when you talk and eat so there will be some loss of appetite due to the pain or discomfort of the ulcers.

Treatment For Ulcer

1. Mix half tsp of turmeric with warm cup of milk. Use it 2 times a day.

2. Fry the alum in frying pan. This will dehydrate the alum. Make a powder out of it and mix it with honey. Apply this on affected area.

3. Fresh yoghurt is good. It should be part of the daily diet. It cures the burning sensation of the tongue and also helps in healing ulcers.

4. One must take plenty of Vitamin C in the form of muskmelon, broccoli, red bell and yellow peppers, and unsweetened of cranberry juice. One can also have oranges and strawberries as they contain Vitamin C.

5. Place a wet tea bag on the affected part. The tea bag will absorb the pain.

6. Suck a piece of ice cube.

7. Herbal teas are also good particularly chamomile tea.

8. Use a soft brush toothbrush.

9. Take multivitamins as well as mineral supplements.

10. Consume folate sources such as beans, peas and lentils. It is good to take more of iron and Vitamin B. Lean beef, tofu, fortified cereals contain a lot of iron; seafood and meats have a lot of Vitamin B.

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