11 best Face care tips

1.Mix milk powder in fresh milk and also add half egg now apply for 20 min for wrinkle free and glowing skin

2. mix rosewater,turmeric,honey in sandal face pack it really 100 percent work

3. mix oats powder with rose water.apply it on face for 30 minutes.it gives glowing skin

4. mix the Turmeric,milk and apply it on ur face. after 15min. wash ur face proprly. and u will bcome one of beautiful women in dis world….

5. mix fresh milk with lemon juice.apply on the face and make smooth massage on face.it removes the dust on u r face.try it daily for normal skin.

6. mix honey,lemon juice,&vegetable oil.apply the face will make the skin glow,good moisture for dry skin

7. egg use- oily skin- white licvied. dry skin- yellow licvied

8. Mix Lemon juice with olive oil for 15mins. Try it 3 or 4 times in a week. It will work 100%.

9. Wash your face with coconut water,it will leave your face clear and gives you a glowing skin.

10. apply cucumber juice on face for clear skin and raw potatoes slice on face to remove black spots.cool rose water on face for fair skin.it gives 100% result

11. Mix Besan powder,Lemon juice,sugar.Apply over face n leave to dry.Wash and rub ur face with ice cube.Do this daily once.It really works.U will get fresh glowing skin.

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