Precaution before using any cosmetics to avoid allergies

Applying too much cosmetics to your skin and using several new products simultaneously can be one reason of cosmetic allergy.

Using used or dirty brushes or applicators also cause skin allergies. Avoid trying new makeup products with a brush or applicator still “dirty” from use with other products. For best results, frequently used applicators and brushes should be cleaned no less than 2-4 times per month. Thus always clean and dry cosmetic applicators before using them for any new products. If not taken care then you might suffer from “cosmetic acne”, including blackheads, whiteheads and mild irritation.

Also check out each cosmetic product before using them because they might be adulterated and contaminated causing skin allergies.

Use proper brush for the particular product that you use because using wrong brush also causes skin irritation. For most makeup, use natural-hair brushes for easiest and best application. With cream-based formulas, however, best results will come from using synthetic or nylon-hair brushes because synthetic brushes hold less of the product, enabling more controlled application.

Take the following precautions

If you have sensitive skin then always test the product on your skin before using it.

Wash hands before applying cosmetics, especially to your eyes because your hands contain bacteria that could cause infection to the eye.

Always keep a check on the expiry dates of the cosmetics you are using and throw the cosmetics that have expired.

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