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Feet care for summer

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Just as you take care of your body you must not forget your feet and hands. Mostly people neglect their feet and hands and think that they don’t have to take care of them or rather feel unnecessary to waste their time on them. Coz believe me there’s nothing more off-putting than looking at cracked, dirty heels. So all you have to do is use plenty of water and voila… you will have wonderful and sexy feet and hands you will love to flaunt.

Soak your feet and hands in water for 15/20 minutes. Add a pinch of salt in it… is excellent to help you get rid of fatigue. It is advisable to change water from hot to cold. That is for 2 minutes soak your feet in cold water and then soak it in hot water. This is good because it improves your blood circulation. Do this for 15 minutes once a week.

Do not wear shoes and closed footwear in the summer. Wear strappy, low-heeled sandals or some fancy flats. Wear a footwear that will allow air circulation and which are comfortable.

Cure Pimples

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Acne commonly occurs during the adolescence period. It is often caused by excessive secretion of oil from the glands. The typical acne lesions that appear on the face and body are comedones, papules, pustules and pimples.

Here’s how to get rid of it quickly and safely:

1. Don’t ever pinch, squeeze or pick at a pimple. This only
causes it to become more red and inflamed, and will spread the
bacteria and oils that caused it in the first place, to other
parts of your face! It can also lead to scars.

2. Every 30 minutes, apply an ice pack to the pimple and hold it
there for about 2 minutes. This will decrease the swelling and
redness and help shrink the inflammation and pain that sometimes
comes along with it.

3. They don’t call it concealer for nothing! Covering the pimple
with a light dose of flesh-tinted concealer can help mask it when
you’re in a hurry. It also helps cover up that oily shine.

4. Cleanse your skin 2-3 times a day with mild, unscented soap or
a specialized acne cleanser that has no harsh chemicals (such as
lye). Scrub skin gently with an exfoliating pad or washcloth, but
don’t rub too hard, otherwise you’ll sap your skin of its own
natural oils, which help to repel buildup naturally.

5. Apply a cream or ointment containing benzyl peroxide or
salicylic acid (many over-the-counter acne medicines contain
these ingredients) to the blemish or around the entire facial
area. Note that these ingredients both have a tendency to dry
out skin if used too much and are not recommended if you have
sensitive skin.

Fight pimples on Forehead

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Our forehead is one of the most prominent spots on our face, unless we mask it with stylish bangs. Often this is not the best method to care for this area, due to the effect of the strands that hit the skin, our complexion might suffer from breakouts and even acne. On a long-term it is highly recommended to take some preventions when it comes forehead bumps. Undoubtedly many people struggle with a mixed complexion which necessitates the treatment of the T-zone for a flawless skin.

As a part of this zone it proves to be more prone to become greasy consequently it is frequently affected by pimples. The pores and especially their clogging is the main culprit for the numerous skin disorders. Either due to external influences or the inappropriate nutrition these might enhance the formation of pimples. However there’s no reason to despair instead skim through the following tips on how to treat pimples on forehead.

Usually your hair is brushed so that it covers your forehead? There’s no need to quit sporting your strands like this, it is enough if you tie it up or secure it with a hairpin during the night. Choose the ideal hairstyle both to protect your complexion and your follicles that might deteriorate when left free tossing on the pillow.

This way the skin has time to recover from the constant contact it has with the tresses during the day. In daytime the sebaceous glands in the forehead might product excessive oil.

This if not properly eliminated might lead to clogged skin pores. This is the perfect trick in order to stop the sebum production during the night and keep the are neat.

Exfoliation should be also another crucial step in your skin care. This is the method that guarantees the elimination of the dead cells that might stuck into the pores causing breakouts.

Choose the best product for your skin type and make sure it contains salicylic acid. Repeat the ritual at least twice a week in order to maintain the healthy condition of your skin.

Remedies To Stop Vomiting

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Vomiting is a forceful expulsion of the stomach contents due to the contraction of stomach muscles. Vomiting is also known as emesis. Sometimes you may attempt to vomit but may not expel anything from your mouth. This is known as retching. Vomiting may or may not be accompanied by nausea. Just like coughing, vomiting is not a condition, but a reflex and it helps to eliminate and flush out impurities or even poisons. Vomiting is most commonly caused by conditions like gastroenteritis and also by food poisoning. Although vomiting may be highly unpleasant and cause great discomfort it is not threatening or serious. Vomiting should therefore never be suppressed or prevented as this can simply aggravate the condition causing far worse symptoms. Another condition in which you may vomit or throw up would be when you consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Binge drinking has become epidemic in some parts of the world, and vomiting is natural after such bouts of drinking. Attempting to suppress the urge to vomit can cause discomfort, while vomiting in such a scenario would provide some quick relief.

Vomiting is also a symptom that would be all too familiar to pregnant women. Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of pregnancy, often referred to and included in the term ‘morning sickness’. The reasons for vomiting in the morning during pregnancy may be attributed to normal and healthy hormonal changes. Vomiting in children is most often brought about because of gastroenteritis, which is basically caused by viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract. In this scenario again, vomiting would simply be a symptom of the condition. Treatment for vomiting should therefore not aim to suppress it, but instead needs to be directed towards treating the underlying condition.

Since the main threat of vomiting stems from the dehydrating effect the main aim of treating vomiting in adults and children alike should be to address the risk of dehydration not to stop the vomiting. In high risk groups however, such as when dealing with toddlers vomiting it would be advisable to consult your doctor to learn how to stop vomiting in children. Under normal circumstances however vomiting treatment with natural vomiting remedies should suffice to control the situation. The primary goal of any home treatment when dealing with vomiting is to control and restrict fluid floss. Administering rehydrating electrolyte solutions is the most important step towards controlling such a scenario at home.

Vomiting after eating is extremely common, particularly when the individual has been suffering from food poisoning, or if dealing with a case of over eating. The main reasons for a toddler, children or adults vomiting after eating may therefore be attributed to stress on the digestive system that is already struggling to cope with the pressure of an infection or over eating. It is therefore very important to make changes to your diet when you suffer from vomiting. Vomiting is a clear indication that all is not right with your digestive system and you need to give it a chance to recuperate. Avoid consuming foods that are hard to digest like fatty and oily foods, sugar rich foods and meats. IT would in fact be best to avoid consuming any solid foods for a while and instead limit your intake to soups, fruit juices and water. If you feel up to it you can also consume fresh fruits or gradually begin consuming them, before you resume your usual diet. This will also address the problem of fluid loss.

Face Care before sleeping

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Before sleeping follow these procedure everyday during summers to protect your face from harsh effects of sun rays…

Wash yoush face using mild soap

Apply Lacto calamine all over your face

Massage your face for 4-5 minutes in circular motion.

this will protect your skin

Follow the process daily for best effect..