Know About Hair Bling

Everyone knows what “bling” is – bling can be jewels or glitter, something that shines and makes you seem a little more financially sound than you actually are! So, where does hair bling come in? You might think of sparkling barrettes or hairpieces, but really it is more of what you can do with the color.

If you have ever seen a music video or seen a movie star with glittery hair, that is hair bling. You see it a lot more often than you used to because it is now easier than ever to do. The best sparkly hair dose not come out of a spray can. It comes out of an airbrush. Professional make up artists and hair stylists have been using their airbrushes to create this look – and you can, too.

If you think that the only thing you can do with your airbrush for your hair is to make it sparkle, then you are wrong. Believe it or not, both men and women are using airbrushing techniques to create colored highlights in their hair, and even to cover up gray hair. You can use it to color just a few strands a particular color, or give all of your roots the once-over.

That being said, don’t forget about the fun that you can have with your airbrush. Kids love getting their hair colored with it, and their parents don’t mind either because it washes right out. It doesn’t stain their clothes and won’t rub off on anyone or anything. This type of temporary and very affordable hair bling is ideal for parties and is an inexpensive way to really dress up both kids and adults alike. All you really need is a quality makeup airbrush, a few exciting colors, and you will be ready to start creating a little of that bling.

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