Cure For Falling Hair

Take pure coconut oil mix it with little olive oil , neem oil[neem oil will b available in herbal shops]and nalla ennai}.mix every thing together and apply it on the scalp.u have to massage softly by using ur finger this twice or thrice a week,remember this must b atleast for one hr b4 ur head it is has a cooling effect dnt apply in the eve,may b in the mrng or in the afternoon.

Take Few coconut oil, castor oil and gingelly oil (nalla ennai in tamil).Mix them in equal proportions , slightly heat it and while its in touchable warmth apply them on scalp till roots and leave hair for 1/2 hour.Make it twice a week and then once after few weeks.Within 1 to 2 month u c amazing result in hair growth and hair fall is stopped.Since castor oil is rich in protein, it will make ur hair thick to grow.

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