Face care For Men

In earlier times, men never used to worry about their skin or think twice about their appearance. But with changing times, even men have become aware about how they look and what they can do to look better. Men to face skin problems like acne, blemishes, scars, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Men want to attract the opposite sex and they don’t want to get neglected due to these skin problems. Skin problems have solutions and even men are interested in taking that extra effort to take care of their skin. Skin care for men is unknown to many and that is why they follow the wrong skincare routines.

Like women, men also should first find what is their skin type. Many men rush to the cosmetic selling shops and grab whatever creams and products they think are good for them without even knowing what is their skin type and what kind of products will suit there skin and what will not. There are various skin types like normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. It can be little difficult for men to know their exact skin type as compared to the women. The skin care for men depends upon their skin type.

If your skin has small pores and look even all throughout then do doubt that your skin type is normal. If your face looks greasy and you have acne, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads then your skin type is oily. If your skin feels to dry and you feel it very tight, especially during winters then your skin type is dry. If your skin gets rashes more than often due to using soaps, perfumes, sun, shaving creams, etc., then your skin type is sensitive. For those men who have combination skin, some part of the face will be greasy and some will be too dry. The skin care for men can be wisely planned out once the actual skin type is known.

In skin care for men after finding out what is your actual skin type, you can buy those beauty products that are manufactured for your skin type. Along with applying these skin care products, you should also take care of your skin by following a daily skin care program. Wash your face two times in a day with the help of a good facial cleanser. This facial cleansing will remove the dirt from your face and allow the skin ores to breath properly. It will also clear your face from pollutants and sweat. In case you are not okay with the cleansers, then you can also use herbal soaps for cleaning your face.

After washing your face with herbal soap, apply a good toner that is suitable for your skin type. You can either buy alcohol containing toners or the non-alcohol containing toners. After applying the toner, next step is to apply moisturizer. Select the moisturizer that has sunscreen lotion included in it. This will be time saving as you will not have to apply a separate sunscreen lotion. In short the skin care for men is not much different from the skin care for women.

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