What Causes Cavities Kids Dental Care

In the war against cavities, bacteria is public enemy #1. Millions of these bacteria live, work and play in our mouths. Here they feed on left over food particles, creating acid in the process. It is this acid by-product which eats into tooth enamel and causes cavities.

Good oral hygiene is essential to cavity prevention as it removes bacteria and the left over food particles they feast on. For infants, a wet gauze or clean washcloth will wipe away the plaque that contains bacteria from teeth and gums.

Try to get your young ones to brush their own teeth. Because children under the age of seven do not have the manual dexterity to effectively brush their teeth it is important that you brush their teeth after they have done so.

Make sure that your kids get an adequate amount of fluoride. Fluoride is the single most influential factor in the decrease in cavities among today’s children. Fluoride incorporates itself into tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attack.

Most children get adequate amounts of fluoride because it is added to the municipal water supply. However, if your city or town does not add fluoride to its water supply, consult your physician about whether or not to give your child fluoride supplements.

Parents should be careful that their children do not get too much fluoride. As with other vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Too much fluoride can cause a condition known as fluorosis in which brown spots appear on children’s teeth.

The primary way children get too much fluoride is by swallowing fluoride toothpaste. Remember, children need only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Have them spit toothpaste out instead of swallowing it.

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