The purpose of your foundation, also called a makeup base, is to smooth out the texture and tone of your skin, not to add color.

Choose the shade closest to your skin tone by testing it on your jawline. The correct shade will look natural when compared with your throat. Be bold! Mix foundation tones until you create your own personalized shade.

To apply your foundation properly and push back the years, use this simple four-step program:

1) Apply foundation over your entire face. Always make sure it’s blended well.

2) Dab all over with a slightly damp sponge to remove any excess foundation and assure a smooth finish.

3) If your face is wide or flat, your foundation may be used for contouring. In contouring use a tone that is three shades darker than your natural shade. Blend in thoroughly all around the edges, into the hairline and under you cheeks.

4) To narrow down a nose that’s too wide, apply a light shade or highlighter down the center and a darker shade down the sides.

5) Finally to help give your skin that extra youthful glow, conclude with a blush that matches your skin tone and should harmonize well with the colors of your clothes.

6) Decide what blush will best suit your purpose of the moment and gives you the youthful look you desire. Blushes are available in a variety of finished, ranging from soft matte to natural to glowy to frosted. Each one can be helpful to you at one time or another. Aim for balance and color harmony.

7) A powder blush with a soft-matte finish goes on best over powder. If your entire face is covered with powder, you should carry a powder blush with you for regular touch-ups, regardless of which type of blush you originally applied.

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