Bleaching does not actually remove the hair. It lightens the hair color so it appears blonde or golden. . Several highlights of hair bleach make it an appealing choice for some women–it’s accessible, quick and, best of all, painless.

All hair bleach kits come with two essential components: the actual hair bleach mixture, which is most often in cream form, and the activator mixture, which is always in powder form. Follow the instructions to obtain the proper proportion of bleach to activator.

Some words of caution, however: Never combine the two until you’re ready to begin bleaching, always immediately discard any unused portions and never mix the two together in any kind of a metal bowl or container.

Whatever bleach you get, be sure to do a patch test. Instructions for the patch test come with the kit. If no redness, irritation or eruption occurs, you can proceed with the full application.

To date, no evidence has been presented of harmful effects of bleaching to the skin. However, the bleaching agents that lighten the hair can also alter the pigment in the skin. This can result in a change to the skin texture, making it thicker, coarser and sometimes darker.

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