Tips for Oily Hair

If your hair is oily, fight the excessive oil and bacteria that contribute to dandruff, scalp infections and skin breakouts by keeping your hair and scalp as clean as possible.

Shampoo as often as necessary. If you read the labels, you’ll see that the acid-alkialine balance is generally expressed in pH scale of 0 to 14. On this scale, 7 represents a neutral balance of acid and alkaline. As the numbers get lower, they reflect increasing acidity. As they go higher (from 7 to 14), they show increasing alkalinity.

Always use warm water. Too much heat will quickly activate scalp oil and will worsen an oily condition.

Avoid overbrushing. Overbrushing stimulates the scalp and can intensify the problem of oiliness. You still have to brush your hair, but keep it to a minimum around scalp areas.

For a big boost, try a shampoo that contain fruits such as kiwi, lemons or pears. Fruit acids clean off the oil and debris that weigh hair down.

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