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Remedies For HIV AIDS by garlic

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The HIV virus attacks the immune system and can effectively destroy its ability to fight diseases. When the virus has destroyed too many of the immune system’s white blood cells, the body succumbs to all kinds of invasive infections and diseases, including pneumonia, Kaposi’s sarcoma, herpes, meningitis, tuberculosis, cancer and others. That is when the HIV infection is reclassified as AIDS. The patient dies from complications from the opportunistic infections of AIDS and not from the HIV itself.

Although antiretroviral drugs are being used on a worldwide scale to fight HIV and AIDS, the drugs’ effectiveness to permanently suppress the virus are still in debate. The HIV virus has shown an ability to replicate and mutate to become drug-resistant.

How can Woman Look More Beautiful

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Humectant: A substance that attracts moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid: An acid that occurs naturally in the skin, helps retain the skin’s natural moisture.

Hydrate: To add moisture to the skin

Hydroquinone: A bleaching agent used in skin preparations.

Hyperpigmentation: Darkening of the skin, commonly produced by ultraviolet radiation, which provokes melanocytes in the skin.

Hypodermis: Below the surface of the skin.

Immunostimulant: An agent that stimulates either innate or acquired immunity.

Immunosuppressant: An agent that acts to suppress the body’s natural immune response.

Instant Conditioner: A conditioner with light to intense conditioning properties that restores a healthy look and protects against further damage.

Irritant: A substance that consistently and predictably produces an adverse response (such as reddening, swelling, itching, burning, or blistering) in virtually all of the population. Irritants are not to be confused with allergens.

Topics About Beauty and being beautiful

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Follicle: Part of the skin which the root of hair comes from

Fruit Acid: The same as glycolic acid (reduces build up of excess dead skin cells).

Geranium: A mild astringent with antiseptic properties; promotes healing.

Ginseng: Considered to be a tonic. Believed to be nourishing due to its vitamin and hormone content. It is taken orally and is also felt to have energy boosting capabilities.

Glycerin: Used in moisturizers due to its water binding capabilities.

Glycolic Acid: Reduces build up of excess dead skin cells.

Glycolic Peel: Used to help peel or exfoliate the skin, making it appear more youthful.

Golden Seal: Herb used as a mild antiseptic

Grape Seed Oil : It has moisturizing and nourishing properties due to its high linoleic acid content.

Beauty Glossary 3rd Part

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Calendula: An emollient believed to have healing, soothing and antiseptic properties. Used to treat dry skin.

Callus: An excessive build up of the hard tough layers of skin. Can be removed at-home or by an esthetician.

Candela Wax: Binds oils and waxes to give body to a formulation. Often used in lipsticks.

Capillary: The smallest type of blood vessel in the body. Spider veins, for instance, are actually small capillaries commonly found on the face or legs.

Cellulite: Deposits of fat and other material trapped in pockets beneath the skin.

Ceramides: A natural substance within the skin that reduces natural water loss of the skin by forming a protective barrier. Can also be produced synthetically and added to skin care products

Chakras: Energy centers throughout the body responsible for the condition of your mind, body and spirit.

Chamomile: A clinically proven plant-derived anti-inflammatory. Offers benefits such as soothing skin. Also calms eczema and allergic reactions.

Citric Acid: The same as vitamin C. Used commonly in hair and skincare products. Has astringent and antioxidant properties and also can be used as a preservative.

Citronella Oil: Antiseptic widely used in soaps and deodorizers. Also has insect-repelling properties.

Clarifying: Usually associated with a toner or other solution used after cleansing to maintain proper skin pH.

Collagen: A natural substance within body tissues. It can be injected into the skin to plump up particular areas.

Cortex: The middle layer of the hair shaft.

Creatine: A protein derivative in muscle tissue. Sometimes found in body-building supplements.

Cucumber Juice: It has moisture-binding, soothing and tightening properties

Beauty Glossary 2nd Part

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Beeswax: One of the oldest ingredients in cosmetic preparations, traditionally used as an emulsifier.

Benzoyl Peroxide: An antibacterial ingredient commonly used in acne treatments.

Bergamot: This is an antiseptic and bacterial growth-inhibitor known for its toning, antiseptic and deodorizing qualities.

Beta carotene: Orange colored plant pigments, used in the manufacture of vitamin A.

Beta hydroxy: An exfoliating agent with a smaller molecule size than the alpha hydroxy.

Beta-glucan: A new ingredient derived from yeast, reported to enhance the skin natural defense mechanisms.

Bioflavonoid: Plant derivative with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Usually derived from citrus fruit rinds.

Biotin: Part of vitamin B complex. Involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Blackheads: A term used to describe the skin’s pores clogged by natural oils and impurities.

Botanical: Refers to products derived from plants.

Botox: Trade name for botulinum toxin. Used in tiny amounts, it can temporarily paralyze a muscle and reduce or eliminate wrinkles or frown lines without harm.

Bronzers: A synthetic preparation that causes the skin to darken or appeared tanned.

Buffer: A pH balanced cleansing solution that improves the look and feel of the skin leaving it shiny and more supple.

Burdock: A root extract with antibacterial properties. May also reduce inflammations such as rashes, redness, acne, eczema.

Butcher’s Broom: Botanical extract used to improve circulation and reduce facial redness. Also believed to have anti-cellulite effects.

Beauty Glossary 1st Part

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Acetic Acid: Sometimes used as a caustic or astringent.

Acne: An inflammatory skin disease that effects the tiny pores thats cover the face, arms, back and chest as well as the oil glands attached to them.

Acrylic: It has moisture barrier as well as waterproofing, water repelling properties.

Age Spots: A darkly pigmented (colored) area on the skin that occurs with age.

Alkaline: Any non-acid substance with a pH greater than 7.

Allergen: Allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction.

Allantoin: A botanical extract said to heal and soothe. Used in creams and topical preparations for the skin.

Almond Oil: Vegetable oil derived from almonds with softening properties. Used in cosmetics.

Aloe Vera: An emollient resin with hydrating/softening properties.

Alpha Hydroxy: An active substance with exfoliating and emollient properties.

Althea: Botanical root believed to have emollient and soothing capabilities for skin.

Astringent: Toner helpful in controlling surface oils and in lowering the pH after cleansing.

Azulene: An anti-inflammatory and soothing agent, derived from German chamomile.

Home Remedies For asthma with symptoms

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


Asthma is a debilitating and potentially deadly chronic inflammatory disease of the airway which mainly arises from allergies. You may characterize it by sudden recurring attacks of labored breathing, chest constriction and coughing. It may conditionally characterized by paroxysmal attacks of bronchospasm causing difficulty in breathing. One way to manage asthma is to stay away from triggers.

Causes Of Asthma

Asthma attacks may be caused by dust, pollens, foods, climatic changes, animals like cats ,dogs etc., some kind of bacteria, emotional upsets, food and indiscretions, smoking etc. When the attack of asthma is accounted, the patient may not be able to breathe in and out because of congestion of chest, air passages and throat.

Genes are passed from parents to children and although there is no specific gene that causes asthma.The cause of asthma is unknown till date. The most common allergens are microscopic droppings of dust mites and cockroaches, airborne pollens and molds, plants and plant proteins and enzymes.

Symptoms For Asthma

* Problem in Breathing properly.

* A lot of sneezing is there.

* Moodiness.

* Headache.

* Runny/stuffy nose.

* Cough with or without sputum (phlegm) production.

* Your chin and throat may also itch.

* 0You feel tired very soon.

* Dark circles start occurring under eyes.

* Trouble in sleeping

* Poor tolerance for exercise

* Downward trend in peak flow number

* bluish color to the lips and face

* Severe anxiety

* Rapid pulse

* Sweating

Remedies For Sore Throat with symptoms and medicines

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

As surprising as it may sound, many people are not familiar with Strep throat even though they might have actually suffered from it at one point or another. Strep throat is the term used to refer a contagious throat infection caused by the Streptococcus bacterium of the Group A.

Usually, the throat of the victim will get inflamed accompanied with pain while swallowing, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and all of these symptoms will present themselves rather suddenly. Normally people with less developed immune system, teenagers and children, are more prone to developing strep throat in fall, winter and spring seasons. However, adults are at risk of developing this infection as well with more or less, the same symptoms. Since this is a contagious infection, it is most commonly transferred from a person suffering from strep throat through hand contact or through the air when the victim coughs.

Symptoms For sore Throat

* Painful red throat

* Swollen tonsils

* Difficulty in swallowing

* Fever

* Headache

* Swollen lymph glande

Remedies For sore Throat

* Analgesic sprays are effective in alleviating the painfulness which occurs as one of the most common symptoms in sore throat. But the relief is temporary in nature.

* Nasal sprays to counteract a blocked nose can prove to be an effective option.

* A warm concoction of lemon juice honey and luke warm water may be drunk regularly to counteract the effects of sore throat. It helps significantly in providing a soothing sensation. Moreover lemon juice with its high Vitamin C content helps to counter the conditions of cold and flu.

* Tea with grated ginger may also prove to be soothingly nourishing and refreshing.

* Besides gurgling in salted water, gurgling in water enriched by spoonful of cider vinegar may also be resorted to as a natural homemade remedy.

* Myrrh with its antiseptic and anti inflammatory qualities serves as an excellent natural option in doing away with congestion occurring as a result of sore throat.

* Another commonly available herb in horseradish helps counteract sore throat and fever that may occur along with it.

What is Allopathy and its definition

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Allopathicmedicine refers to the practice of conventionalmedicine, and especially the practices now referred to as heroic medicine Itwas coined by Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843)

Allopathy is the treatment of symptoms of adisease by unrelated or opposite substances. The method of treating disease by the use of agents that produce effects different from those of the disease treated (opposed to homeopathy). The treatment of disease byconventional means, i.e., with drugs having opposite effects to the symptoms.

This was the practice ofmedicine in its early years and is now considered to be harmful. The idea wasto purge the body of whatever was producing the disease. This was done byinducing evacuation (vomiting, diarrhea, blood letting, suppuration, etc) withirritants and poisons.Theword allopath comes from the Greek language meaningother

Home Remedies for Stomach and gas problem

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Drinking Chopped turmeric leaves with a cup of milk is one of the effective home remedies for gas..

Another simple and easy home remedy for gas is : Boil Guava leaves in water, strain and drink the water.

Potato juice is excellent remedy for stomach gas. Drink half a cup of it, an hour before meals. This can be done thrice a day.

Ginger is among most effective home remedies for gas trouble. Chewing fresh ginger can help in stomach gas.
Alternatively mix ginger powder with a pinch of rock salt and a pinch of asafoetida and a cup of water and drink it. Drink ginger tea after meals, it will promote proper digestion.

For instant relief from stomach gas trouble drink baking soda with water. It is widely used as an effective antacid.

Apple Cider Vinegar for gas : Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, it is use as an effective home remedy for many health conditions. It is also an instant relief home remedies for gas.

Take a glass of warm water, mix 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and let it cool. Consume it when it comes to room temperature.

Avoid physical inactivity. Incorporate exercise in daily routine in order to avoid stomach gas trouble.

Avoid dairy and poultry products like eggs and milk.

One of the best home remedies for gas is cinnamon. Make a cinnamon solution for gas by boiling cinnamon in water. Once boiled cool the cinnamon solution in room temperature and drink it. This aids in preventing further formation of stomach gas.
Asafoetida ( hing in hindi ) ca also be used as a remedy for gas trouble. Take a glass of warm water add a pinch of asafoetida in it. Mix well and drink it.

Brandy for gas relief : Mix two tsp. of brandy to a glass of warm water and drink it before going to bed.

Dill (Anethum graveolens) oil for stomach gas trouble relief : Dill oil is extracted from seeds, leaves and stem of a Dill plant which is a herb. Its has got properties that brings it among the home remedies for gas.

Treatment for Scabies and symptoms

Friday, January 13th, 2012


The first and most obvious sign of scabies is localized itching. Mites may or not be visible, but usually will leave small red bumps and tiny zig zag pathways where they have burrowed into the skin. These bumps may look like tiny pustles or blisters or resemble small pimples on the skin. Scabies tends to affect areas of skin folds, such as the inside of elbows, between fingers, behind knees, wrists, and other areas.

In patients where the immune system is weakened, scabies can develop to form crusted scabies, an advanced form of the disease where crusted patches of scabs form as a result of infestation. Thickened patches of skin containing hundreds of mites can form in crusted scabies.

Typically, the face and scalp are not affected by scabies. Scabies may remain localized in one area or gradually spread over the surface of the skin.


It is highly recommended that patients visit a doctor fordiagnosis and recommendations of treatment options for scabies.

While some infestations may resolve on their own, left untreated scabies can escalate into a highly unpleasant problem. Increased itching, formation of bloody scabs, and patches of scaly skin may accompany an advanced infestation. In such instances, medical treatment is the most efficient and best option. Scabies can also become resistant to medications over time, though this usually only occurs in repeat infections.

Once an infection is confirmed, the patient’s nails should be cut to prevent scabies from hiding under the fingernails or toenails.

Treatment and Symptoms for Eye Infections

Friday, January 13th, 2012


Unfortunately, there is no specific list of symptoms for eye infections. The symptoms vary based on the cause of the infection, which part of the eye is infected, the severity, and the reaction in the individual. Common symptoms of conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, are redness, crusting of the eyelid, itching, and discharge. For viral cases of conjunctivitis, the discharge is watery or mucous-like and with bacterial conjunctivitis, the discharge is thicker and can be green, yellow, or white in color.

Common symptoms of bacterial infections, or keratitis, include:

* pain

* itching

* redness

* a yellow discharge

* swollen eyelids

* constant, involuntary blinking

General symptoms of eye infections may include excessive tearing, redness, swelling, pain, itching, a feeling of sand in the eye, a discharge, or crusting around the eye.


Treatment for eye infections vary based on the type and severity of the infection. Typically, eye doctors will not prescribe medications for viral eye infections unless it has progressed into a worrisome state. Viral infections do not respond to antibiotics, which are the most commonly prescribed treatment for eye infections. For bacterial infections and some fungal infections of the eye, a physician may prescribe antibiotic eye ointments or drops.

Bacterial infections such as blepharitis, an inflammation surrounding the eyelid, require a topical antibiotic and a low-dosage topical corticosteroid. Styes, or small, painful lumps that occur on the upper and lower eyelid may require surgical procedures. Styes are caused by blockages of one of more of the oil-producing glands in the eyelid. An eye doctor may need to make an incision and drain the stye if treatments such as antibiotics and steroid drug injections prove to be ineffective.

Over-the-counter treatments are also available and are quite effective in treating infections caused by allergies. Antihistamines and artificial tears eye drops help to reduce debris in the eye and soothe any irritation. These over-the-counter are found at most supermarkets, drug stores, and pharmacies.

Reason behind fatty liver

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Fatty liver disease can be caused by :

* Alcohol

* Obesity

* Starvation

* Diabetes mellitus

* corticosteroids

* Poisons (carbon tetrachloride and yellow phosphorus)

* Cushing’s syndrome

* Hyperlipidemia

* Pregnancy

In addition to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) which are considered primary fatty liver diseases, there are also secondary fatty liver diseases. These include alcohol liver disease or ALD, chronic viral hepatitis C (HCV), chronic viral hepatitis B (HBV), chronic autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), and Wilson’s disease.

Home Remedies and medicines For Frigidity

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Frigidity is most used to describe a sexual dysfunction in women, and is the inability to experience pleasure from sexual intercourse characterized by a lack of sexual desire and responsiveness due to traumatic sexual experience or other unpleasant episodes during childhood or as an adolescent. It is caused by psychological origin, stemming from fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, problems with the partner, and/or feelings of inferiority.

Remedies for Frigidity :

1. Make sure in your diet you are including a good quantity of alfalfa sprouts, avocados, eggs that come fresh from hens ( avoid the ones stored cold in the supermarket ), olive oil, pumpkin seeds, other seeds and nuts, soy and sesame oil, and wheat.

2. Avoid red meat, poultry, and products containing sugar.

3. Avoid smoggy conditions. Smog is highly toxic and dangerous, affects the hole immune function and hormonal activity in the body.

4. Also herbs can help cope with the problem, here are the most common:

5. Chives contain minerals required for the creation of sex hormones.

Remedies and medicines For Allergies

Monday, January 9th, 2012

An allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to a normally harmless substance. There are a variety of substances, termed allergens, that may trouble a sensitive individual. Common allergens include pollen, animal dander, house dust, feathers, mites, chemicals, and a variety of foods. Some allergies primarily cause respiratory symptoms; others can cause such diverse symptoms as headache, fatigue, fever, diarrhea, stomachache, and vomiting. This entry addresses respiratory allergies, both chronic and seasonal (for a discussion of allergic reactions caused by foods. Home remedies for allergies can help reduce and treat allergies symptoms.

Histamines cause a string of reactions, including the swelling and congestion of nasal passages and increased mucus production. This is essentially a hypersensitive, or overactive, response by the body to an external stimulus. You will not suffer any of these side effect using this home remedies for allergies.

Remedies For alergies :

1. Drink lots of water to thin secretions and ease expectoration.

2. If you have respiratory allergies, you may be allergic to certain foods. In addition to dairy products and wheat, common culprits include eggs, chocolate, nuts, seafood, and citrus fruits and juices. Try eliminating one of these foods for two weeks and watch for an improvement. Use an elimination or rotation diet to discover and work with food allergies.

3. Try eliminating dairy foods from your diet. Dairy foods can thicken mucus and stimulate an increase in mucus production. If your allergies are seasonal, it may also be helpful to avoid whole wheat during the allergy season; many allergy sufferers are sensitive to wheat.

4. Cut out cooked fats and oils. When your body is under any type of stress, including the stress of an allergic reaction, the digestive system is not as strong as usual, and fats—which are difficult to digest at the best of times—can put a strain on the digestive system. Also, undigested fats contribute to mucus production and foster a toxic internal environment.

5. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a good source of sulfur, a trace mineral that may help to reduce the severity of the allergic response. Take 500 milligrams three or four times daily, with meals.

6. Selenium is an antioxidant and works synergistically with vitamin E. Take 50 to 100 micrograms twice a day during the allergy season.

Home Remedies for Flatulence Cure

Friday, January 6th, 2012

* Chewing your food more before swallowing will help the stomach and intestines break down the food.

* Avoid foods high in fat.

* Eat smaller, more frequent meals instead of three large meals.

* Start an exercise program. Becoming fitter cures many ailments.

* Drink less alcohol.

* Drinking hot water, about half a cup of plain hot water, as hot as you can stand it, does the trick for many people.

* Eat peppermint leaves. Peppermint contains menthol which helps in naturally treating the problem of flatulence.

* Mix half a teaspoon of ginger powder with warm water. The Chinese have used this cure for flatulence for centuries.

* Apple Cider Vinegar. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water daily.

Remedies for stretching of lower back pain

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Unfortunately, many back pain affected individuals don’t know that will lower back exercises is beneficial for low back pain and is something that anybody need to instruct themselves on eventually in their lifestyles because possibilities are, everyone get each year back pain at some time in their existence. Sometimes no matter exactly how well we understand the proper and drastically wrong ways to working out with objects, the unforeseen happens. Auto accidents and the like are usually out of each of our control, all things considered.

If your possessing lower back pain, and then muscle relaxers are certainly not going to does one any excellent. The largest dilemma as soon as taking virtually any medication is promoted in no way really helps to treat the major cause of the circumstance. They just face mask it ample to why don’t we get through daily. Certainly, with no fixing the difficulty itself, a particular person will continue to always reside with lumbar pain unless of course many folks go to a chiropractic physician who is skilled using back stretching out exercises in treating this challenge.

There are a lot of different ways of assisting along with lower back pain together with one of these folks being back again strengthening exercises which includes lower back expands. These methods may be far a lot more effective compared to medication.
Initial, It really is a normal way to handle the challenge. Your failing to take any medicinal drugs or counting on anyone to help you understand your difficulty. It is simply you and your physique working together in managing the pain. Since it really is all natural, you don’t have to be concerned with side affects whenever taking treatment.

Another obvious benefit of undertaking a stretching workout for lower back pain [] can it be can help avoid future accidental injuries. How many diverse medications can easily boast claiming? When functioning on giving your again muscles much more strength your furthermore reducing the probabilities of injuring them the many strains we offer our back on a daily foundation. You are furthermore keeping your muscle groups limber and adaptable which allows these to extend and contract whenever and nevertheless, you want these phones.

Lower back exercises do not just help you boost your back, it may also help the rest of your physique as well. Once you preserve up with your every day exercises you will be aiding your whole heart. You develop into a healthy and far better match person. Keeping match and in condition helps preserve your defense mechanisms strong and assists in keeping you back again muscles coming from causing ache.

Eyeshadow Tips

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Matte powder eyeshadows in an array of neutral tones from light to dark are your best bets for a classic, sophisticated eye design that accents the shape and color of your eyes.
Unless you’re using just one eyeshadow color, use at least two eyeshadow brushes for application.

Prep the eyelid and under-brow area with a matte-finish concealer, foundation, and/or powder before applying eyeshadow. This ensures a smooth, even application and (if you have fair to medium skin) will also neutralize the red and blue coloration of the eyelid.

Tap off any excess eyeshadow from your brush before applying—this will prevent overapplication as well as flaking eyeshadow.

If you really want to make the color of your eyes pop, choose a contrasting color in a soft tone and apply this to the lids. Blue eyes come alive with pale peach or cantaloupe hues, green eyes seem richer with light bronze or caramel tones, hazel eyes become more alluring with chestnut and golden brown shades, and brown eyes are nicely accented by almost all neutral tones.

Eye-Design Mistakes to Avoid

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Do not overcolor the eyes; excessive bright colors are distracting, not attractive.

Do not create hard edges; you should not be able to see where one color stops and another starts. Practice your application and learn to blend well.

Do not wear bright pink or iridescent pink eyeshadows; they make eyes look irritated and tired. Muted or pale pink is an option.

If you are concerned about making skin look more wrinkled, do not wear shiny eyeshadows of any kind because they exaggerate the appearance of lines. If you have smooth, unlined eyelids and prefer a touch of shine, apply it sparingly for subtle shimmer rather than distracting glitter.

Do not apply lipstick or blush over the eye area; it might sound like a time-saver, but if you have a lighter skin tone, it can make you look like you’ve been up all night crying. However, most bronzing powders can work as eyeshadows.

Do not match your eyeshadow to your clothing or your eye color. If you have blue eyes, blue eyeshadow makes the blue of your eyes look duller. And complementing your clothing is at best dated; besides, what if you’re wearing red or black?

Avoid eye glosses and other greasy products at all costs. These may look intriguing in photographs, but are more annoying than alluring in real life because they stick, smear and smudge all over the place in a very short period of time.