Home Remedies and medicines For Frigidity

Frigidity is most used to describe a sexual dysfunction in women, and is the inability to experience pleasure from sexual intercourse characterized by a lack of sexual desire and responsiveness due to traumatic sexual experience or other unpleasant episodes during childhood or as an adolescent. It is caused by psychological origin, stemming from fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, problems with the partner, and/or feelings of inferiority.

Remedies for Frigidity :

1. Make sure in your diet you are including a good quantity of alfalfa sprouts, avocados, eggs that come fresh from hens ( avoid the ones stored cold in the supermarket ), olive oil, pumpkin seeds, other seeds and nuts, soy and sesame oil, and wheat.

2. Avoid red meat, poultry, and products containing sugar.

3. Avoid smoggy conditions. Smog is highly toxic and dangerous, affects the hole immune function and hormonal activity in the body.

4. Also herbs can help cope with the problem, here are the most common:

5. Chives contain minerals required for the creation of sex hormones.

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