Remedies For Sore Throat with symptoms and medicines

As surprising as it may sound, many people are not familiar with Strep throat even though they might have actually suffered from it at one point or another. Strep throat is the term used to refer a contagious throat infection caused by the Streptococcus bacterium of the Group A.

Usually, the throat of the victim will get inflamed accompanied with pain while swallowing, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and all of these symptoms will present themselves rather suddenly. Normally people with less developed immune system, teenagers and children, are more prone to developing strep throat in fall, winter and spring seasons. However, adults are at risk of developing this infection as well with more or less, the same symptoms. Since this is a contagious infection, it is most commonly transferred from a person suffering from strep throat through hand contact or through the air when the victim coughs.

Symptoms For sore Throat

* Painful red throat

* Swollen tonsils

* Difficulty in swallowing

* Fever

* Headache

* Swollen lymph glande

Remedies For sore Throat

* Analgesic sprays are effective in alleviating the painfulness which occurs as one of the most common symptoms in sore throat. But the relief is temporary in nature.

* Nasal sprays to counteract a blocked nose can prove to be an effective option.

* A warm concoction of lemon juice honey and luke warm water may be drunk regularly to counteract the effects of sore throat. It helps significantly in providing a soothing sensation. Moreover lemon juice with its high Vitamin C content helps to counter the conditions of cold and flu.

* Tea with grated ginger may also prove to be soothingly nourishing and refreshing.

* Besides gurgling in salted water, gurgling in water enriched by spoonful of cider vinegar may also be resorted to as a natural homemade remedy.

* Myrrh with its antiseptic and anti inflammatory qualities serves as an excellent natural option in doing away with congestion occurring as a result of sore throat.

* Another commonly available herb in horseradish helps counteract sore throat and fever that may occur along with it.

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