Beneficial diet For Fighting with Jaundice

One of the best diets we have by which we can fight with jaundice. While doing this just keep in mind that you are not having any extra food either than this diet.

After wake up – Take two to three glass of luke warm water with lemon or simply two to three glass of lemon water.

· Breakfast – In breakfast Jaundice patient must take fruit juices only. Like apple, mango, papaya, orange, grapes etc. with some wheat bread.

· Before Lunch – Before lunch patient must take some glasses of lemon water or fresh juice.

· Lunch – Hot vegetable soup, steamed leafy vegetable and milk. One can also take light food like dahlia.

· Evening – At evening again some fresh fruit juices or coconut juice or lemon water can be taken.

· Dinner – At dinner jaundice patient may take boiled potato, steamed vegetable and a glass of milk with honey.

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