Why Is Tooth crown Necessary

* Protection and Support fort the residual tooth – Sometimes teeth are compromised because of big carious processes or cracks or received root canal therapy. Removing all decay means removing all the damaged tissue of the tooth and leaving only the healthy part but this reduces his strength. When teeth receive root canal therapy they also have a large filling. To protect these filling materials and to protect the tooth from going through fractures should be placed a cap.

* Restoration – A broken tooth or a decayed one that lost part of the tooth’s tissue loses its function as well. For teeth to do their proper function, they should have contact with the adjacent teeth (except for the wisdom teeth) and should contact their antagonist. Caps restore teeth’s functions to assure the right mastication or speaking.

* Missing teeth – When you lose one tooth because of decay, periodontal disease, or trauma, you can’t leave an empty space especially if it is a frontal tooth. One way to replace the missing tooth is by placing a bridge. These means placing a crown or two on the adjacent teeth and a fake one to fill the place of the lost tooth. Also the empty space can be filled with a dental implant, this way the dentist doesn’t have to damage the adjacent teeth by preparing them for crowns. Since the implant is made of titanium, to cover all the metallic part is used a crown.

* Aesthetic purposes – Sometimes for problems that might occur during the development of the tooth before we are even born or after, they might be discolored, misshaped, etc. Sometimes they might be discolored because of badly done root canal therapy or badly done restoration. To assure a good looking smile one or several caps might be needed.

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