Special Remedies For Summer Allergies

Here are the list of remedies for Summer Allergies :

1. Replace air filters in your home comfort system, following manufacturer instructions to locate and change the filter. Check your filter monthly, especially during seasons of heavy use or allergy season.

2. Eliminate mold from your home by keeping surfaces free of standing water. Check for moisture buildup and leaks in likely spots such as below sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. Have a professional heating and cooling technician inspect your duct system for leaks.

3. Check your home and ducts for mouse droppings or other evidence of contamination that could make allergies flare.

4. Make sure the house is well ventilated. This can be done without wasting energy. Ask your HVAC professional for advice on ventilation systems.

5. Install kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to vent irritating particles and humidity outdoors. Be sure to use them as needed.

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