How To Cure your taste of Smell at Home

We often take for granted the ability to taste and smell. We only realize this once we have lost it. Our taste and smell ability allows us to enjoy delicious foods and enjoy their rich aromas, but also plays an important role in warning us against fires, poisonous substances or even certain gasses which may be harmful or even lethal.

A person’s ability to taste and smell may be explained in the simple equation bellow:

The ability to taste = (and is influenced by) one’s ability to smell an aroma

Try holding your nose and eating something you enjoy most. The result would be that your favorite food doesn’t taste so good anymore and has lost its beloved flavor!

For instance, when you have a cold and your nasal passages are completely blocked food becomes tasteless and dull, as you are unable to smell the foods delicious aromas.

After a while of not being able to taste or smell foods, your appetite may dwindle, you may feel unenthusiastic about eating out at nice restaurants or even feel depressed with life. This means that your overall health and well being will be severely affected.

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