Home Remedies For Chicken Pox

Getting the chicken pox tends to be one of those routine occurrences of childhood that all children have to go through. But that doesn’t mean your child has to suffer needlessly through the itching and the scabs. A few natural home remedies can reduce chicken pox symptoms and hopefully the duration of the illness.

There are various vaccines available today, which are preventing the chicken pox form happening. So here are some home remedies for Chicken Pox :

1. Apply Sandalwood oil ( not the paste ) from the first day of appearance of rash till the fall of scabs. helps

2. Apply Vitamin E oil over the skin. Will help the healing process..

3. Lemon juice is very good in chicken pox but you can also give vegetable juice and other fruit juices.

4. Neem leaves are also good in relieving the itching of the rashes. Add neem leaves in the warm water and have bath with this water.

5. Add baking soda in one glass of lukewarm water and sponge your body and allow the mixture to dry on the body.

6. A bath of oatmeal is a natural remedy to relieve the itch due to chicken pox

7. Honey smeared over the skin will also help in healing the disease

8. Lukewarm water baths with neem leaves will help relieve the itching.

9. You can also add half cup of brown vinegar in bathtub water and have bath. This method is also effective in reducing the irritation of the skin.

10. Add half cup of apple cider vinegar to bathtub filled with warm water and have bath.

11. Apply vitamin E oil over the rashes once the rashes become dry.

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