Home Remedies and medecines For Jaundice

Jaundice is caused by an infection which distorts the liver into malfunctioning. It is unable to produce the normal amount of bile needed for maintaining the functions of body cells and tissues. These toxins need to be flushed out to restore balance and bring the immune system back to normal.

Some Of The home remedies for jaundice are :

1. Make a paste with fresh papaya leaves. Add half-teaspoon honey in this and have it everyday.

2. Add ¼ th turmeric powder into one glass of hot water. Drink this water two to three times in a day.

3. Take fresh radish leaves and extract juice form them. Consume one cup of this juice twice or thrice in a day.

4. Drink limejuice as, as it is very effective home remedies for jaundice .

5.Prepare a cupful of juice of beetroot and lemon in equal proportions. Having this juice for a few days will definitely cure jaundice.

6. Take few leaves of Aegle marmelos (Bael tree) and grind them. Drink this juice at least one in a day.

7. Take a glass of sugarcane juice and add powder of roasted gram. Drink this glass of juice everyday. This will give the permanent relief from Jaundice.

8. Boil about one cup of water and add ten to twelve leaves of lemon tree into this boiling water. Cover the vessel with proper lid. Drink this solution three to four times in a day.

9. Take the luffa vegetable in a cloth and keep a heavy object over it. After this crush these luffa vegetables and extract its juices. Take the juice of this luffa vegetable over the palms of your hand and take this juice inside your body through nostrils.

10. Make a combined juice mixing lemon juice, ginger juice and mint juice together. Blend all these juices in a blender and drink this at least three times in a day.

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