Home and Best Remedies For Knee Pain

1. RICE – RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This simple treatment can provide relief to most types of knee pain

2. Several herbal remedies such as dried ginger, wintergreen, Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw and a few other herbs have also been very effective at reducing or even eliminating pain in the knees

3. You can also try another innovative home remedy that will require you to create a paste using the following ingredients. Castor, wheat, turmeric and Goat’s milk. If you can’t find any goat’s milk, just use some clarified butter instead. This paste does wonders when it is applied on the area of the knee that is generating the pain

4. Studies have shown that steam baths have the ability to reduce knee pain by improving the blood circulation around the knees, thereby reducing inflammation. A slight massaging of the knee, while in the steam bath, can help make this remedy all the more effective

5. A great and simple remedy that almost anyone can try is by mixing a powdered form of Bishop’s weed seeds into a glass of warm water that is then ingested

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