Beauty Tips for Oily Skin Care

This type of skin feels relaxed and supple, but looks shiny and is much more prone to outbreaks of spots. This is because of a heightened production of sebum by the sebaceous glands – too much sebum can cause a blockage in the duct, leading to inflammation and pimples. Sebaceous glands are unevenly distributed, being more concentrated around the scalp, on the forehead, along the nose and on the chin, and scarcer on the cheeks and neck, and around the eyes. As a result, most skins tend to be oily only in patches.

Take Heed:
Oily skin may or may not lead to acne, but it is important to distinguish between oil on the surface of the skin, where it is meant to be and can easily be removed with careful cleansing, and oil trapped within the sebaceous duct, which can be helped by regular exfoliation. If you can control excessive oiliness, your skin will reward you – a light sheen of oil is the essence of that youthful glow!

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