How Will You Shape Your Eyebrow

Shaping your eyebrows beyond basic grooming is best done by a professional. Although, once you get the line and shape you want, you may be able to maintain it with regular tweezing yourself. Tweezing your eyebrows is the most dramatic way to change your face without too much pain and discomfort. Following are a few tips that will help you shape your eyebrows.

1. Numb your eyebrows with ice and keep the ice near by. This will help you feel less pain.

2. Sit near a window to get the best light. Natural daylight is the best bet, so sit near a window and use a hand-held magnifying mirror.

3. Cleanse the brow area thoroughly. Using a brow pencil, outline the brow’s natural line. This acts as a guide and prevents you from plucking too much hair.

4. Gently pull the skin of the outer edge of your eyebrow up and out so that you can see the brow bone.

5. Use a pair of tweezers to pluck the hairs. Pluck out one hair at a time, tweezing in the direction the hair grows. When you begin tweezing, start at the middle of the brow and work towards your ear, and then work from the middle in towards your nose.

6. Start plucking in the middle of the eyebrow and pluck toward the outer end; then go back to the middle and pluck toward the nose. Your brows should extend a little beyond each corner of your eye.

7. While tweezing the area underneath the brow, follow the natural shape and avoid plucking hairs from above the brow. Don’t pluck too much from either end – brows should extend a little beyond the corner of your eyes.

8. When shaping your eyebrows use your facial features as a guideline.

9. After you finish tweezing your brows, wipe the area with a cotton bud or swab dipped in some antiseptic lotion to avoid any infection. Rub a piece of ice on the area if it feels sore.

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