Best Eyebrows and Eyelashes For You

Don’t tweeze above, but to make it easier, pluck after showering and in the direction the hair grows.
Pluck only one eyebrow hair at a time.
Use an old toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to brush brows into shape.
Finish the look off by gently nipping any stray hairs with scissors.

To thicken eye-brows, and eye-lashes apply castor oil to them regularly at bed time. The result will not be quick but you are sure to find some improvement within a few weeks.
Eye-brows can be groomed into neat trim lines if they are brushed conscientiously. Use a mascara brush and brush them every day.
For scanty eye-brows, add a few drops of glycerin to a little castor oil and apply it on eye-brows. Leave it on over night.

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