Allopathy medicines Work Faster Than Any Other Medicines

As you are aware of every time you get sick you will soon run to a doctor for a treatment or for the cure, is it really curing you, the doctors only give you a drug, which for the time being you will be cured which is Conventional medicine, but then you fall sick again and again in future don’t you agree with me. So there is a thing called Alternative medicine which is mainly Homeopathy, Ayurveda and acupuncture to name a few by which you enhance the immunity for a particular sickness and make sure you never get that in future.

Some laggards apparently have been trying vainly since over a decade to enter the doctor’s lucrative domain, even ascribing their repeated failures to caste-based discrimination by teachers. The astounding suggestion is reproduced: “As students have failed consecutively on several attempts, they be allowed to have a degree.” One can only pray for the best!

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