Beauty Tips for Your Sensitive Skin Care

There are two types of skin that fall into the sensitive skin category. One is susceptible to break outs, and the other is easily irritated. The irritations come from overusing products or using products that are too harsh – especially cleansers. If you’ve found that your skin is reacting to some skin products and showing signs of irritation or redness, you probably have sensitive skin. We all have skin that is somewhat sensitive, however hypersensitive skin, which usually goes with blonde or red-haired people, reacts to irritants by turning blotchy or developing spots and rashes. This type of skin rarely tans but only burns or freckles.

Take Heed:
Cleanse with gentle, water-soluble lotions and tepid water. Avoid hot water and washcloths. Moisturizer is essential to protect sensitive skin – and it should be hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Avoid products that contain a lot of stabilizers – chemicals that add to the shelf life of a product wreak havoc with hypersensitive skin.

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