Size Of The Shoes Are very Necessary For Your Children’s feet

Good shoes are especially important to avoid problems in developing feet.

Because shoes serve only to protect children’s feet from injury, none are needed before a child walks.

High-topped infant shoes do not support ankles – oxfords and tennis shoes are equally good.

Check OFTEN to be sure shoes aren’t too small. Children’s feet are so flexible they can be crammmed into shoes two sizes too small – and the child may not complain.

Don’t have children wear hand-me-down shoes. They are permanently molded to the original owner’s foot.

Unfortunately, most shoes today are narrower in the front than the foot is. You can check this by standing on paper and tracing around your bare foot. Compare the outline of your foot with the sole of your shoe. If your shoe appears too narrow, you may be inviting foot problems.

Choose only shoes that feel comfortable – you are the best judge of that.

Our marvelous feet evolved for flexibility and strength – not to be stuffed into shoes. When people roamed the earth barefoot 4,000 years ago, foot problems were not the rule. Today, we need shoes to protect our feet from cold, injury, disease, and pounding on hard pavement.

But too often we choose shoes for style rather than comfort and function. Remember: good shoes are part of the good care your feet deserve.

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