Healthcare Tips for Pregnent Women

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for women, especially for their skin. tips on keeping skin looking great during pregnancy Pregnancy hormones bring about huge changes to almost every part of a woman’s body, from skin and hair right through to teeth and gums. To keep their pregnant bodies in top condition, mums-to-be need to adjust their daily skincare and pampering routine to ensure that they feel and look great, right up to their due date and beyond. Here are Miriam Stoppard’s Top Tips for Pregnant Skincare:

Check the suitability of your normal beauty products
The first thing to do when you find you are pregnant is to check the products that you would normally use. You may find that some products are unsuitable for pregnant skin. If you are at all concerned then switch to products which state they are suitable for use during pregnancy

Avoid using soap
Soap removes natural oils from the skin, so try using a moisturising body wash instead. This will maintain the essential oils in pregnant skin and promote a healthy glow

Don’t spend too long in the bath
Prolonged contact with water dehydrates the skin and can leave it looking dull. To avoid this use a moisturising bath soak to re-hydrate the skin.

Protect your skin
Skin pigmentation can change during pregnancy and skin may tan/burn much more easily. Look for products with UV filters to help and make sure you pay special attention to your face and hands.

Feed your skin
The turnover of skin cells is accelerated during pregnancy, so make sure you nourish and moisturise more than normal to keep skin looking healthy.

Get to grips with your bump
Skin is under a lot of pressure during pregnancy especially in the abdominal area. Massaging your bump with a tummy massage gel will keep skin supple and elastic in areas prone to stretch marks.

Don’t water it down
After you wash, use a good moisturising body lotion to keep your skin in tip-top condition and to counteract the drying effect of water.

Take extra care of your face
Some women find that their skin becomes oilier during pregnancy. Use a high-quality, pregnancy-safe, facial cleanser to help even things out

Maintain your balance
Try shower or bath products that contain extra moisturising properties and are pH balanced. These should help maintain a healthy glow for pregnant skin.

Start from the bottom up
Feet can get tired and swollen in pregnancy. A refreshing foot gel with menthol will really pep you up at the end of a long day.

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