How To Get Rid Of Headache

Tension Headaches are the most common type of headaches. Migraines have well-defined attacks with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to lights and sounds. Cluster headaches are repetitive ones that occur for weeks to months at a time, followed by periods of remission.

At a time when mindless popping of pills, that could lead to serious health complications, has become the solution to all our medical problems, naturalists suggest to turn to our age-old home remedies. Apart from curing a minor headache to strengthening gums, these home remedies are simple, easy to follow and won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

Headache may be quite nasty sometimes and possible reasons for it may be excessive intake of foods,which are hot in nature,constipation,less sleep,less intake of liquids,high blood pressure etc. here is a simple remedy .

Make a herbal tea with 10-15 holy basil leaves (tulsi), 5-6 peppercorns and 1/2″ ginger piece, powder. Keep in an air tight bottle. Take 2 pinches with warm water when a headache starts.

Surveys have shown 90% of people who are attempting to lose weight go off track by instant temptations and food cravings. However, a recent study said, briefly tightening any group of muscles – by clenching the fist, jaw, or scrunching the shoulders – can raise an individual’s willpower for a good two minutes. This helps you fight off the sudden diet-interrupting urges. Clenching muscles signals your brain to ramp up your willpower even more than normal, because you are facing a tough task. So, the next time, you are tempted to wipe off a plate of french fries simply clench your fist.

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