Treatment for Toothache for every ages

Almost all of the people of the world have experienced a toothache be it during his growing years or during his old age. We are all afraid of this diabolic pain that nags and tortures us for quite a long time. Toothache ranges from mild to less severe. But what causes toothache? Toothache is the pain of the teeth or in and around it.

First try a pressure point remedy by rubbing an ice cube into the V-shaped area where the bones of the thumb and forefinger meet on one hand for 5 to 7 minutes.

Have the person rinse mouth with warm water. The person should gently floss teeth to remove food particles from area.

Lime as a toothache remedy, The vitamin C in lime not only prevents tooth decay but also helps in controlling toothache. Caries, bleeding gums and even loose tooth can be cured by lime treatment. Consuming unpeeled lime is better option.

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